Some folks think beer is like wine—as it ages it becomes better. However, that is farther from the truth. Craft beer tastes better fresh, which is why it is best to get it from where it is made.

Brewing is a combination of science and art. A brewmaster uses the basic scientific process and expresses creativity by varying the combinations of grains, hops and yeast that results in a multitude of styles.

The Mash House is a restaurant and brewery that has the best selection of craft beers that pair with our signature steaks which will ensure that you have a wonderful dining experience at our brewery/restaurant.


There are four main ingredients in beer: barley (or other grain), water, hops and yeast. The general concept is to extract the sugars from grains so the yeast can convert it to alcohol and CO2, which then creates beer.

Interesting science facts about the ingredients:

  • Although barley is the most popular, wheat, rye and other grains are also used.
  • Hops also have a natural preservative quality.
  • According to the USDA, there are more than 150 varieties of hops.
  • Like grape varieties that determine the taste of wine, the type of hop and the region where it is grown can influence the taste of beer.


Harvesting and Malting – Brewing beer begins with harvesting grains. Barley is traditionally the base for beer; however, wheat, oats and rye are sometimes used. To use the grains, they must be prepared for brewing through a process called malting. Malting allows the grains to partially germinate, which helps form the starches and enzymes that are necessary for the fermentation step.

Mashing and Lauter – After the grains are malted, the next step is to steep them in hot water. This process, called mashing, activates the starch enzymes in the grain, causing it to break down and release sugar. The water is then drained and leaves a sweet, syrupy liquid, which is named – wort.

At this time, the next step is to separate or lauter, the wort from the used grains.

Boiling and Hops – Once the wort has been created and the lautering is complete, it is time to add the hops and other spices. Hops contain the acid isohumulone, which is measured in parts per million. The levels of this, and other acids in hops, are referred to as bitterness units. Chemists have created the International Bitterness Unit (IBU), which is measured on a scale of 1-to-100. Generally speaking, the higher the number, the more bitter the taste.

You may have heard of beer being spoken of in terms as “less, or more, hoppy”. They are speaking of taste but in terms of the higher bitterness due to the high hops.

Fermentation – Beer is essentially divided into two groups – ales and lagers. The type of yeast used and the fermentation process determines these two groups.

After the hops are added and the boiling is finished, the liquid goes to a fermenting vessel and yeast is added. Once the yeast is added, it begins to break down the sugars and create both alcohol and carbonization.

Ales are fermented at a warmer temperature, around 64 degrees, ready to drink in approximately three weeks. In traditional brewing, the yeast used in ales causes a foam at the top of the tank from which it derives its name, top cropping fermenting. Lagers are fermented at a cooler temperature, around 50 degrees, and stored for several weeks or months at temperatures near freezing. The type of yeast used in this process settles at the bottom of the tank and is called bottom cropping fermenting.


Mash House Brewing Company uses no preservatives and only the finest ingredients at our on-site microbrewery: malted barley, hops, yeast and pure water. Our beer begins in our grain silo out front, is converted into “mash” with the addition of water, then ferments and ages in our custom-designed brewhouse—assuring our customers will receive the freshest pint possible. And there are six ways to try our award-winning brews: by the pint (16 oz.), by the half pint (8 oz.), by the pitcher (64 oz.), by the Mini Mash (any four beers on tap), by the Mondo Mash (4 oz. glasses of each of our 9 drafts), or by the Growler (take it to go!).

We are proud to provide a high-end dining experience for our guests and their friends and family. Mash House Brewing Company has the best selection of craft beers that pair with our signature steaks which will ensure that you have a wonderful dining experience at our brewery/restaurant.

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