4150 Sycamore Dairy Rd
Fayetteville, NC
(910) 867 9223

Local Beer

We use no preservatives and only the finest ingredients at our on-site microbrewery: malted barley, hops, yeast and pure water. Our craft beer begins in our grain silo out front, is converted into “mash” with the addition of water, then ferments and ages in our custom-designed brew house to produce rich, flavorful craft beer right here in Fayetteville, NC. We are proudly the oldest brewery in Cumberland County.

Local Food

With an eclectic menu based on freshly prepared ingredients, we cater to a variety of taste buds. We strive to support North Carolina farmers and use local ingredients whenever possible. Our Chef prides himself on the fact that all of the Mash House’s butchering is done in-house. “Everything in the building is made from scratch—we’re pretty unique in that sense.” All steaks and chops are handcut and top quality.

Local Faces

In a location with real character, right in the heart of Fayetteville, The Mash House Brewery and Restaurant defines what it’s like to “eat like a local” and have a unique and exciting dining experience that will exceed expectations. Whether you choose a refined, gourmet fusion dish, the best in beef or more casual fare, we proudly serve local ingredients and offer an experience that differs from the chains.


The Mash House is a pretty popular place for a big party with a great dining experience – who doesn’t want to celebrate with a great selection of craft brews? But we’re also ready for extra special events, like rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, birthdays and more. We can seat large parties in the restaurant, help you select a menu, and even create a more private atmosphere for you.

Mashed Up!

What's On Tap