In every friend group, there is one friend who claims they only like wine. Perhaps they have only tried watered-down beer or an overpowered brew, but there are plenty of brews with flavor profiles to fit their palate. If you have a wine drinker in your friend group, the Mash House has some options to introduce them to the world of craft beer.

Sours are great crossover beer for wine lovers because they have similar flavor profiles. Wine drinkers appreciate the dry and acidic notes that come with certain sours similar to wine. Alternatively, some sours are brewed with fruit having a taste that is subtly sweet.

There are plenty of options for barrel-aged beer that wine drinkers will enjoy. Barrel-aging does the same thing to beer as it does to wine – slowly oxidizes so the flavors mellow and are not as bitter. Some brewers use wine barrels to age their brews, allowing the beer to soak in some of the wine flavor.

For those sparkling wine lovers, they may prefer a stronger carbonated beer. In particular, brews that have been bottled will have a more “sparkling” feel.

Hard cider is most similar to wine as it has similar flavor and aroma profiles to wine. Cider can range in sweetness and levels of dryness as well. Cider is brewed like beer rather than made like wine, which is why it is not considered a wine. We are proud to offer a rotating cider tap with our own locally made cider.

If you want to introduce your wine-lover friend to some craft brew, it is best to try a beer flight. Recommend to them that they do the Mondo Mash as the Mash House, rather than just grabbing the first one that speaks to them. They will be able to try all 9 beers on tap in order from left to right.

Mash House Brewing Company uses no preservatives and only the finest ingredients at our on-site microbrewery: malted barley, hops, yeast, and pure water. Our beer begins in our grain silo out front, is converted into “mash” with the addition of water, then ferments and ages in our custom-designed brewhouse—assuring our customers will receive the freshest pint possible. And there are six ways to try our award-winning brews: by the pint (16 oz.), by the half pint (8 oz.), by the pilsner (23oz.), by the pitcher (64 oz.), by the Mini Mash (any four beers on tap), by the Mondo Mash (4 oz. glasses of each of our 9 drafts), or by the Growler (take it to go!).

We are proud to provide a high-end dining experience for our guests and their friends and family. Mash House Brewing Company has the best selection of craft beers that pair with our signature steaks which will ensure that you have a wonderful dining experience at our brewery/restaurant.

If you’re looking for the best restaurant in local cuisine and beer in Fayetteville, NC, look no further than The Mash House. Since 2001 we have been proudly serving up the best in beef, gourmet fusion dishes, and casual fare. We pride ourselves in supporting North Carolina farmers and growers by using local ingredients as much as possible.

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