What’s On Tap?

Towards the late-1970’s America’s beer brewing culture began to change. The traditions and styles brought over by immigrants from all over the world began to disappear. By the end of the decade, the beer industry had shrunk to merely 44 brewing companies.  But at the same time, the American brewing landscape was shrinking in taste and size, a grassroots home brewing culture emerged.  As this “home-grown” beer culture began to blow up many entrepreneurs began to take heed and more restaurants with breweries emerged. Among these restaurant & brewery duos, The Mashhouse emerged in the heart of Fayetteville, NC. Mash House Brewing Company has the best selection of craft beers that pair with our signature steaks which will ensure that you have a wondering dining experience at our brewery/restaurant.

The Mashhouse Brewery uses no preservatives and only the finest ingredients at our on-site microbrewery: malted barley, hops, yeast and pure water. Our beer begins in our grain silo out front, is converted into “mash” with the addition of water, then ferments and ages in our custom-designed brewhouse—assuring our customers will receive the freshest pint possible. And there are six ways to try our award-winning brews: by the pint (16 oz.), by the half pint (8 oz.), by the pilsner (23oz.), by the pitcher (64 oz.), by the Mini Mash (any four beers on tap), by the Mondo Mash (4 oz. glasses of each of our 9 drafts), or by the Growler (take it to go!).

Your basic 16 ounce delicacy // 4.50

8 ounce delicacy // 2.75

You pick-em. Try any four of our beers on tap // 6

A beer sampler that lets you try all 9 of our beers on tap today // 10

Ask how you can walk home with one of our very own branded Growlers. // 25

Mash House Originals

Blonde Lager
This Beer is a premium Light lager. Light golden color with a bright white head. This beer has a sweet malty aroma. Hop aroma and taste are minimal. This is a very smooth, crisp, drinkable beer.

This Bold India Pale Ale has a wonderful citrus hop flavor and aroma that overpower the malt in this golden brown interpretation of the style.

This brown porter is very smooth with dark chocolate and toffee flavors balanced by a subtle hint of hop bitterness.

This Dark chocolaty, roast flavored beer is full in body and is poured with a creamy head. This English style stout pairs great with rich desserts.

Irish Red Ale
This American Red ale is all about the malt. Caramel malts are used to give this beer its namesake color. A sweet caramel toffee like malt flavor overpowers the hop flavors for a sweet, great tasting beer.

This is a south German style hefeweizen. It is a cloudy wheat beer. The yeast creates this haze as well as a very prolific taste and aroma which includes banana and clove like flavor. A great testament to the style.