Beer and steak has always been the answer for having a good time but what style of beer and what type of steak fits right together has always been the question. Listed below are a few pairings that we at Mash House believe are perfect together.

Ribeye | Brown Porter: One of our brown porter beers will only fit right with our full marbled cut to give you that bold taste.

New York Strip | Irish Red: With its bit of sweet taste and tea-like flavor, this beer will allow you to enjoy the tenderness of each bite that the strip has to offer.

Filet Mignon | Natural Blonde: Blend together one of our hand-cut less fat steaks and an array of our natural blonde beers and experience a savory buttery taste with every bite and every sip.

Sirloin | Fruit Beers: Let the flavors from one our fruit beers and the spices from one of our fire grilled sirloin steaks battle to dominate your taste buds.

Porterhouse| Specialty Beers: If you are going to treat yourself to a twenty-ounce hand-cut steak you might as well order one of our promoted beers for that month to go with it. For a special steak deserves a special beer, it is only right.

In no way shape or form are these pairings set in stone so please do not get too worked up if these combinations do not fit your taste buds. Experiment and make a list of your own!