Taken from the great words of Chance the Rapper, “Yo we back… And we back and we back” and to talk about something everybody loves. Something special that makes the world go round. Something that every adult, man or woman, wants after a long hard day at work, or during a hot summer afternoon. Yep, we’re talking about popsicles. Just kidding, obviously we mean BEER! And of course, we want to talk about our beer, because it’s great.

Mash House beer is made with only four ingredients: malted barley, hops, yeast, and water. How do four simple ingredients turn into the delicious stress reliever called beer? Well we don’t know how the other guys do it, but our beer begins in our grain silo. It’s converted to “mash,” which pretty much means that hot water is added to the ingredients which convert starches to sugars. It’s a bit more technical than that, but we’ll spare you the grimy details for now. After that, we let it ferment and age in our custom-designed brewhouse, that way our customers receive the freshest pint possible. Some brewers just go ahead and start to bottle it and leave it in the fridge. But not us, we are all about the freshest, best tasting beer a man (or woman) can get.

Ok so you read all this, and still aren’t convinced. “Oh it’s just some marketing for me to go in and try their beer,” you might think. Well honestly, it is, but it’s more than just that. And we don’t just do it to increase sales, we really want to share our great tasting creations with the world! But for now, we will settle on sharing them with Fayetteville. Our beers have even won awards because they are so good. We won seven awards at the Carolina Championship of Beer: 2 gold, 2 silver, and 3 bronze. Out of 150 beers, 7 of ours were chosen to win an award. So if all these awards, genius blog posts, and other advertising can’t convince you, then there is one last thing for you to try. Get in here and have a sip!