“Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

It is no secret that our Forefathers were big drinkers, at the time water was considered bad for you and beer, ciders and spirits were considered the healthy option and a cure all for illnesses. Beer was a big favorite among many of the forefathers and the two biggest fans were George Washington and John Adams. It’s been mentioned that George Washington would have beer shipped to him regularly during the Revolutionary War. He would also have a pint cup or mug of beer placed by his plate during his meals. It was the beverage of choice at his home in Mount Vernon. Some of the forefathers that brewed included Ben Franklin, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson enjoyed his retirement from public life brewing and drinking beer. Another Forefather Samuel Adams worked with his father at the family malt house. Samuel Adam’s cousin John Adams a patriot, politician and of course our second US President was the son of a merchant and brewer. Just like people today enjoy going out and having a beer, many of the Continental Congress or sometimes referred to as the Philadelphia Congress were regular attendees of MR Hare’s Porter and savored the beer there.

Beer has always been a part of our great country from the beginning, loved by our forefathers, enjoyed at ball parks and savored in the American home and at restaurants. Today we are so lucky to have house made craft beer! Fayetteville’s very own Mash House Brewing Company has beer brewing its perfected recipe for 10 years. The Mash House’s homemade beer is hand crafted on the premises utilizing traditional methods of Old World brewers. Using no preservatives and only the finest ingredients brewed by an expert brewmaster, Reuben Stocks and his team. Our Forefathers would have been proud!

Image how impressed our forefathers would be with modern craft beer! How proud they would be to know how one of their favorite drinks has evolved. Drink one for our country’s founders. See you at The Mash House. Cheers!