Handcrafted Beverages

You might know that here at Mash House we are primarily known for our beer! Whether you love our hefeweizen, porter, IPA, stout, or one of many of our seasonal beers that we rotate throughout the year, we try to keep our taps full of great selections so that everyone can find a Mash House beer that they love.

One thing that you may not know is that we also provide many other handcrafted beverages for our customers who may not be beer lovers (or that just want to try something a little different!) One of our staple non-alcoholic beverages is our root beer! We make a great, classic style of root beer, and also offer root beer floats on our dessert menu!

We also create a rotating handcrafted soda. Stop in to see what we have on tap – some of our most popular flavors are the orange cream and black cherry, and our brewmaster Reuben is always looking for new delicious flavors to experiment with.

Two of our recent additions are our ginger beer and kombucha. We searched for the perfect ginger beer, and finally decided to make it ourselves! Order a glass by itself, or enjoy it in a Moscow Mule. We also recently added homemade kombucha to our menu a few months ago. Just like our sodas, our kombucha flavors also rotate, and a few of the flavors we have served so far include Lemon Berry Basil and Lemon Hibiscus. We also offer a Kombucha Mule, made with North Carolina’s own Bedlam Vodka.

Whether it’s beer or a handcrafted beverage, hope you will come in and try one of our delicious options! As always, we also serve cocktails and wine (including the Mash House Mellow, a red blend we partnered with Rockfish Winery to create).