Plastic straws are a BIG deal right now. Across the country, major corporations are working to reduce their environmental footprint, and science has shown us that plastic straws are having some of the worst impacts on our Earth. Specifically, our sea life is suffering. After a shocking video surfaced of a sea turtle with a plastic straw stuck in his nostril, people began to finally take action. Science has shown us that every single day over 500 million plastic straws are used, with most of them ending up on our oceans.

Our restaurant knew that we couldn’t sit idly by, and that’s why we decided to pitch in by eliminating our plastic products in favor of ones made with eco-friendly material. Instead of plastic straws, we will now be offering eco-friendly straws, by request only. Our styrofoam to-go boxes have been replaced with boxes made of sugarcane. And our to-go cups are also made of biodegradable materials. We are in the process of finding new alternatives for our stirrer sticks and ramekins as well, which should be in our restaurant shortly.

To spread the word on the problems with plastic, we have launched our new #MashGoesGreen campaign. You will notice our servers are now wearing “Stop Sucking” buttons, we are sharing information on our social media pages, and we have table tents that also share the scary statistics.

If you dine with us and take a photo of our table tent and post to your social media pages along with the hashtag #MashGoesGreen, you will be in the running for a free appetizer. As a reward to taking this small step to spread awareness, we want to reward you, so each month we will select a new poster to receive an appetizer of their choice.

Keep making a difference by asking other Fayetteville restaurants about their plans to go green. Refuse plastic straws when you order a drink. Grab a cool sustainable water bottle instead of buying plastic ones. Bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store. If we all take these small steps, they will amount to big changes. If we don’t take action now, by 2050 we are projected to have more plastic in our oceans than fish. Go green with us!