How can you improve the classic beer and steak dinner? By using the best local ingredients! We’ve got some of the greatest tasting beer in North Carolina, and it’s all made right here in our in-house microbrewery. By using the finest local ingredients and no preservatives at all, it’s no wonder our beer is so good! They come in all different sizes and varieties. No matter your preference, we’ve probably got it. Do you like porters, stouts, or IPAs? Come down to The Mash House for all that and more! And best of all, we brew our beer using the traditional methods of Old World brewers, which means you get to experience a sip of history. With all the craziness that was going on thousands of years ago, no wonder people started making beer!

And what better to go with the beer in your glass than a plate of delicious steak? If you haven’t noticed, we take great pride in our offerings, and our steaks are no different. All of our steaks are USDA inspected, optimally aged, and hand trimmed to perfection. When beef lovers eat at The Mash House, they say, “Wow, now this is a real steak!” Trust us, we’ve tried the microwaved ones you get at other restaurants, and shed tears that they are allowed to sell those products as “steaks.” When you want the best of the best, come down to The Mash House, and we will leave you with a belly full of beef and beer, and a big smile.

Plus, we just redid our dining room! We’re trying to upgrade all we can, but our beers and steaks are so good, there’s no way we can make it any better. But really, who’s gonna believe a wall of text, right? We can’t do our menu justice by just writing about it. You need to come on down to The Mash House, and try it for yourself! Order any beer you like, get a great tasting steak, and then you’ll realize why we brag so much!