Do you ever wonder what your favorite superhero’s favorite type of beer would be? Well we have a few listed…

Wolverine / Stout We would imagine that James Howlett aka Logan would order a beer that is full in body and in taste with a thick creamy head. A beer that will continue to give him the hairs on his chest and keep his blades sharpen. A very dark and strong brew that many people could not handle but Wolverine would be up for the challenge every time.

Batman / Brown Porter Billionaire Bruce Wayne is dark but he has a soft side and that’s why we think his signature brew would be a brown porter. A brown porter has a balance of caramel and chocolate malts, making it much easier to drink when you are celebrating after receiving the key to Gotham City.

Daredevil / Irish Red He is Irish to the core so why should his beer be any different? In remembrance of his father, this Hell’s Kitchen resident, Matt Murdock, would ask for Irish Red before anything else, staying true to tradition.

Nightcrawler / Hefeweizen Arriving from Germany, we would suspect that Nightcrawler would only want a German made beer. Sure he’s probably ventured off to other types, like a stout with Wolverine, but he always goes back to a Hefeweizen for it reminds him of home.

Beast / India Pale Ale A sophisticated beer for a sophisticated man. Hank McCoy wants something with a light copper look to reflect his classy appeal but yet big in hop bitterness to also show the beast he can become when needed.

Superman / Natural Blonde We believe the only beer for the man of steel would be a Natural Blonde. Its crisp dry and light body brew would be perfect for the Kansas native after working on the farm in the hot sun. We just hope that he would drink responsibility and not drink and fly.