Mash House Brewing Company is starting the new year off with a bang! In an effort to defeat the bland beers of the world, we have assembled a strong and powerful team of four craft IPA’s that will be released in the next few months for a limited time. Our Special Hoperations team will work effortlessly to defeat Dr. Bland and his insane quest to rule the world one bland beer at a time.

While Dr. Bland is busy in his evil macrobrewery lair, scheming up new ways to make beer taste, well…bland… our team of Mash House Brewing Company craft beer superheroes will show beer lovers everywhere in the Fayetteville area that the good guys always win when incredible flavor shows up in their beer glasses.

The Mash House Special Hoperations team is being led into battle by our very own Hoptimus Prime! Come into our restaurant and brewery to indulge in this bold craft beer made from citrusy hop flavors with a 7.6% ABV. Hoptimus Prime delivers a deadly punch to Dr. Bland’s plan to keep powerfully tasty craft beers out of North Carolina.

Hoptimus Prime will only be with us for a limited time, but while Hoptimus Prime is here, come into our restaurant and microbrewery and enjoy Hoptimus Prime with a wide variety of delicious entrees from our lunch and dinner menus. Together, we can all help Hoptimus Prime complete its’ mission against bland beer.

Who will the next member of the Mash House Brewing Company Special Hoperations team be? Another announcement is coming soon! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest team member and special instructions on how you can do your part to defeat the bland beers of the world. Dr. Bland and his macrobrewery minions do not stand a chance against the fighting power of crisp, cold craft beer microbrewed onsite at Mash House Brewing Company.

The assault on bland beer has started. Come in to Mash House Brewing Company at our Sycamore Dairy Road location and savor Hoptimus Prime while you can. For now, our leader sounds the battle call. IPA’S – ROLL OUT!