If you can’t get enough of Mash House beer, don’t worry, because we have tons of great ways to take your favorites home! While you can find cans of our Patriot Pale Ale, Copperhead Red, Bell Tower Cerveza, Natural Blonde, and Hoppy Hour IPA, we also have a number of great ways to take home all of your favorite Mash House drafts – growlers! 

You can start off with our standard growler, a 64 ounce classic glass growler. One of the great things about our standard growler is that we offer specials throughout the year, on Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July, where you can purchase or refill your growlers at a discount. 

If you’re looking for something a little more special, check out our Centennial Growler! This growler is crafted in Germany, and features a swing top and a pewter handle. 

The newest addition to our growler collection are our ceramic growlers. These beauties feature a swing top and come in multiple colors. Our favorite part is they are also glazed on the inside, which means they will last longer and upkeep is easier. 

Finally, if you’re really serious about Mash House beer, you can also purchase a uKeg right in our brewery. uKegs are a Growlerwerks product that come in two sizes – 64 ounces, or 128 ounces. The uKeg is a pressurized growler that features a tap and C02 cartridge, basically make it a keg and a growler rolled into one device. 

We are so excited to offer so many great ways for our customers to take their Mash House favorites home. Stop in to grab a beer and take some to go! Our rotating beer menu means you’ll always be able to find something new to try when you visit our restaurant and brewery. We look forward to seeing you soon!