Q: How do I like my steak?

A: Next to my other steak.

At Mash House Brewing Company, we know beer. Thirst quenching beer begins with the finest ingredients. The perfect ratio of malted barley, hops, yeast, and pure water. We let our beer ferment and age in our on-site brewhouse because we know the science behind creating the freshest pint available in Fayetteville, NC. But that’s not all. We know that a great beer should be paired with a juicy steak!

We’re a Fayetteville, NC steak house that takes steak seriously. We sell premiere cuts of meat, aged to perfection and hand trimmed to create the ideal steak.

Every cut of meat in our Fayetteville steak house is butchered on site – a source of pride for our chef who carefully prepares each tender steak to order. In fact, our steak house makes all our food from scratch using freshly prepared ingredients. A quality unique to our Fayetteville restaurant.

Our steak house offers a high-end steak experience in a casual way. But there’s nothing casual about our steaks.

Our prime rib will tantalize your tastebuds as the tender meat melts in your mouth. And for those with a larger appetite, our 20 oz Porterhouse will have you cherishing every mouthwatering bite.

Our Fayetteville, NC steak house is unique by choice. Our local beer, local food, and local faces make The Mash House Brewing Company a prime selection for lunch and dinner. Our eclectic menu of freshly prepared meals can’t be beat!