There’s something about a little (okay, maybe a growler-full of) beer and trivia. At the Mash House in Fayetteville, our restaurant is about more than just a quality dining experience- we also want to have a little fun! So, for our special customers, we’ve written up a few “believe it or not” pieces of trivia you can ask about on your next trip to our restaurant.

Did you know that our restaurant servers can write their names upside-down and backwards? If you don’t believe us, stop by to see for yourself, because our staff has the crayon skills to amplify your dining experience!

While you’re at our Fayetteville restaurant wondering just how they do that (and trying to do it yourself), be sure grab an IPA. Did you know IPAs, also known as India Pale Ales, happen to be the most popular style of craft beer in the United States?

But we don’t discriminate. Whether you’re into IPA craft beer or a nice Blonde brew, our restaurant keeps the beer flowing and the steaks grilling! Do you love a nice froth to top your beer? Ask for a chilled glass- the temperature helps to create more foam.

With the Mash House right here in Fayetteville, you’re never far from quality craft beer! If you still need another reason to come by and have a pint with us, just ask your doctor! The isohumulones that help keep the head of your beer foaming are also good for you, and the silicon in craft ales helps to strengthen your bones.

Verdict: A beer a day keeps the doctor away!

For the best dining experience in Fayetteville, the best craft beer and a little bit of fun, be sure to stop by the Mash House Brewing Company!