It seems like everyone nowadays likes collecting achievements, trophies and badges when moving through life. Now you can get that same sense of accomplishment for drinking beer! Not only can you earn badges just for showing up and drinking beer, but you can level up too! If this appeals to you than Untappd is the App for you.

The Untappd App doesn’t merely award badges, it does much more as well. A few of the benefits the app provides is: you can see what’s on tap before you even show up, it lets you rate and review beers and venues, and helps you find local breweries. Thinking of trying something new but don’t know what you are going to like? You can explore new beers based on what other users have suggested. Maybe you’re fearless and decide to branch out on your own and try something completely differently, that’s great too. Don’t forget to rate the beers found on your journey so that others, who may not be so bold, can use your ratings as their guide. More than just an app, this is a community of beer drinkers helping beer drinkers find new places to drink and great beer to drink there.

Mash House has partnered with Untappd and now has their own custom badge! Show your pride in the Mash House and earn this badge simply by drinking the great craft beer available here. Merely continue to drink and start leveling your new badge, up to level 50! Our beer is award winning, but we want our customers to have a chance to evaluate it as well. Come in have a drink, rate it and help your fellow beer aficionados find and enjoy your favorites. Help expand our community and rate our beer, all while earning and leveling up your badge.

Mash House brews its own beer on site, so you will have the chance to rate and recommend beer that outside the Fayetteville and Triangle area is undiscovered. This imparts upon you a great responsibility to share your discovery with the masses. If you are not feeling altruistic, that’s okay too, you can highlight the great beer that they are missing. We hope to see you earning your badge soon.