Ah, August. The time when kids start going back to school, parents finally get some quiet time around the house, and the heat and humidity start coming to an end. But for now, we’re still stuck under the sun, counting down the days until the breeze comes back and the leaves start to change colors. So what is there to do on a hot summer day? Well, the answer is pretty obvious. Drink some fresh cold brews! And where in Fayetteville can you take home are you going to get freshly made beer from an on-site microbrewery? Only at the Mash House!

Not only do we offer a great variety of beers, we also have different ways for you to drink them! Whether you want a classic pint or a sampler that lets you try them all, we’ve got it. You can even take it to go with one of your very own Mash House growlers! Our Mash House growlers are air tight jugs that are made to transport craft beer without degrading any of its quality. We’re not just a great brewery with an even better blog, we also like to help our fellow beer lovers learn more!

By now, you’ve heard a lot about our beer. And the reason we love to talk about it so much, is that it’s just so good. We can’t get enough of it! What else do we have to do to convince you to come by and taste the best beer in North Carolina? If only we could deliver. But for now, just come on down anytime.

To our customers who have come out and loved our beer, thank you! Let’s toast to summer nights, cold beer, and good times.